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Birth Doula Training

Online Training

This is an online course sharing with you all the information I have gathered from women over many years working as a Doula both in Australia, and several countries in Asia.

There is an innate awareness and birth wisdom in all our souls. This doula course will enhance the knowledge that you have already found deep inside you, and build the courage to further explore what is waiting to be discovered. It is a personal journey to acknowledge inner wisdom and knowledge that draws you to birth. It will be accessed on your journey as you offer your services to the women you serve. 


Doulas see within themselves and all women, the wisdom and knowledge that has been overlooked but not forgotten. We will be revealing this lost knowledge and begin to change the emphasis of fear and pain around birthing to one of joy, challenge, pleasure and the pure power that is birth.

This workshop is just the beginning to your learning. This is a an opportunity to open the door to new opportunities in the way you relate to women about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Maybe you are planning pregnancy?  Sitting with women as we explore the wonders of our bodies and minds, also opens your heart to a new person arriving in your life.

For some women it is a healing journey following their own birth experiences.


Maybe you just want to sit in circle with women online?  Every woman deserves to do this


There is nothing more enlightening, uplifting and life enhancing that watching a woman in her power birthing her child.  I am determined that no matter how a woman births her baby, in this highly technical world, or outside under a tree is confident and reading to parent her child.  Let's work together as we allow the system and woman to find their way in the birthing world.  We need to hold our trust and compassion in place so we are a solid caring part of her team.  Self care, and determination to believe in women, the power of birth and the children who participate in this phenomenal process will "hold space" for the women performing the task of birth.  Birth was designed to work.  After watching so many woman in developing countries with no medical "support or interference" I know it works.  Time limits are something of recent years in developed countries, so let's be part of the change as the medical profession is now realising it needs to change.  Midwife are restricted as well by timelines, so they are also working towards new protocols and practices.  


We explore what it is to be a Doula, has the role of Doulas become just another intervention, and what benefits do we bring to woman.  The role we play when we are with a woman as she prepares and births her child can be enormously helpful, or just intrusive and sometime dangerous.


I have been training Doulas for a long time, and I have some concerns about the over-active roles we are stepping into. Women can birth their babies.....we just need to be there, enhance their confidence in their bodies and be patient.  Often the less we do, the more power the woman will find from within. If we just "hold the space" for her to search deep inside her womanly wisdom, the process unfolds just as perfectly as conception took place.  If she struggles we are there to help her remember, move forward and birth her child.  This is a basic Doula course, based on information gathered from western women, at home and in highly technical settings, and from remote rural women who often have little assistance to birth their babies.

We explore you and your need and want to work with birthing women.  We open the space for you to heal old beliefs and thoughts from your own birth, and birthing your children.  

 I welcome you to step into a magical space.  Birth is extraordinary.  Woman are powerful and intuitive.  When we offer our trust and understanding of her situation, capacity and needs, then amazing things happen.  




Completing Online Doula Training


10 Modules

590 emai gazzalove to enrol and make payment

  1. Once you have paid your $90 deposit to hold your place, you will be added to an online study group of Facebook, with the opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know the other participants. 

  2. Full payment is requested a week before the course begins, unless a payment plan has been arranged 

  3. On Facebook a Module a week will be added and you have 6 month to complete the course.  You work at your own pace.

  4. At the end of each module you will need to send back a Reflection sheet to indicate you have completed the course

  5. At any time during your training begin to offer your services as a Doula for free.  Explain you are a Trainee and would like to be of service with no expectation of financial exchange. 

  6. This like an apprenticeship.  All costs, travel, parking etc will be me by you.  We all have to pay for our training.  

  7. On completion of the modules you will be issued with a Certificate - Birth Doula.

  8. I have trained Thousands of Doulas using this system and I know it works.  Welcome to your Doula Tribe

  • We further explore the realities of you community's challenges and the opportunities available to women. 

  • You will better understand methods you can use to add comfort to the birthing woman's experience, waterbirth and interventions. 

  • You will develop some effective tools to use hypnosis in birth.

  • A big part of serving women during this transition time in their lives is to better understand what motivates you to work in the birth world, the challenges you may face personally, and ways to clear the past to open your heart and mind to allow the birthing woman's experience to unfold without judgement or expectation. 

  • Women's bodies are born to birth but life experiences and, very occasionally, complications stand in the way of a desired outcome. 

  • We are present to help her to integrate that experience into her parenting life. To support the baby with the challenges it may face, and to acknowledge and love her through it. 

  • Sitting on our own needs, wants and ego is pivotal to her experience being hers! 


Come journey with us and explore.

Things we don't do as a Doula

Perform examinations or medical tasks

We are non medical emotional and physical support.  We can also be a huge spiritual support according to the woman's needs. 


If you are confused about this, then study midwifery.

Being present with a woman as a birth assistant is a very different role to that of a midwife who, with the woman, takes some responsibility (through her education) for the safety of the birth of the baby and the woman's health. 

Make decisions for the birthing woman 

You will develop skills to support her in making decisions. You will explore options with her, and give her the space to make the decisions she chooses without pressure or judgement. This can be incredibly challenging if you have a different belief or understanding of the choice she is making....non judgemental attitude is a huge goal in our work.


Women in developed countries have so many choices and opinions.  It is increasingly difficult for women to stay clear about safe birth for themselves and their babies.  We will explore many of the choices birthing women make; eg ultrasound, natural interventions, medical intervention, pain relief. 


Speak to the staff on the woman's behalf


We encourage women to find their voice,  It is their choices, needs and wants that need to be heard. We offer solutions to consider if decisions need to be made.

Project any of my own beliefs onto her experience


This is one of our biggest challenges. Debriefing the birth, and exploring your part in the outcome will enable you to increase your capacity as a Doula.  This is life-long learning.

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All Videos

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Community Referrals

You will be encouraged to develop your own referral list of support people for women in your area.  It is important you understand your own limits. 

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