Denise Love
My Philosophy

I know that kindness is the essence of life

I know that being of service enhances your life

I know that the way we are born has a huge impact on the way we live our lives, and the way we die.  

I know that death is not the enemy, not living life is. 

I know that life is precious and can be very short. 

I also know that usually the biggest thing holding us back is ourselves- FEAR

As a Circle-of-Life Doula I stand beside people and encourage them to live their lives their way.  Move beyond your parents expectations.  Love and respect them, but you don't have to live their dreams.  

I know that how we are born matters and has a huge impact on our lives.  I know that LOVE can heal all.  

Deep inside most women there is an innate knowledge and understanding about how to surrender to birth.  I come with an attitude of undisturbed birth, but also a working knowledge of hospital birth in different cultures and protocols.  My openness to serve women, wherever they choose to birth their children, offers a wide variety of options. I have supported many women at home, in hospital and through "Women-Centred C-Section" or "Family-Centred C-Section. I never judge a choice or outcome. It is my place to serve I expect birth to work, and have the knowledge and skill to understand your limits and the limits of women I serve. 

I am fascinated by the first and last breath.  I have been serving dying people for most of my life.  I run and in home, hospice or Death Doula Service and believe in cost effective green end-of-life choices.  I am comfortable with the choice to die when ever that is without treatment or people taking their own lives.  I can refer you to people with skill in the use of medical cannabis.

I believe in each and every one of you.

Working as a Doula, in birth or death is a huge opportunity to learn, serve and grow.


Many years ago I started an organisation called LifeOptions.  I was concerned that too many people in the world didn't have choices, or maybe the capacity to make the choice that was right for them  at the time.  As a Regisitered Nurse in Australia, I began my journey in healing.  Healing mind, body, and spirit.  Working on myself and others who sought my thoughts and knowledge, medicine mixed with the power of the mind, I became intensely interested in the way we enter the world, the way our lives unfold (intentionally or by accident) and how we leave the earth.  I am fascinated by the human spirit, and work towards peace on earth.  


I am an activest for undisturbed birth, the right to live your life as you choose, and for loving support as your life on earth comes to a close; the complete circle of life!


I share my life with Gary Love. I have been married for more than 40 years, after knowing him for 12 weeks.  He is my rock, and supports the work I do in so many ways.  We have 2 amazing grown up children and 2 granddaughters.  I sat with my daughter as she birthed her children - an honour and a privilege.  Nothing is more sacred than being with a daughter as she transitions into motherhood.


I have been facilitating learning for Doulas for the past 18 years in a variety of countries, both in rural and city settings. 


I have been living and working in remote rural Cambodia for the past 5 years.  As a Registered Nurse, I use those skills in general health, and stand beside amazingly courageous midwives, who work unassisted, without medical back up.  Women are amazing.  Birth works if we let it! 


I have a non-profit  organisation which supports projects in Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and Mynmar and any money that is generated through Doula Training supports the extraordinary midwives I work with in bringing safe birth to the women in remote villages in Cambodia.



Barb Ferguson
CEO   Educator   Doula Mentor
So who is Doulabarb  .....

I like to start this part of the story with in a

former life I was an accountant and as there

are only 2 certainties in life that’s death and

taxes working with Death is a natural follow

on career to accounting.

Like all of us my whole life was a precursor to finding and following my heart work as a doula, I was blessed with so many experiences along the way putting it in place piece by piece. My path into doula training was as a birth doula, it was during this training though that I realised quickly that I was unprepared should I be asked to support a family through miscarriage, stillbirth or neo natal death this is when my world collided with Denise Love.

Denise became my mentor and we soon worked together when Denise’s schedule took her out of the country and families needed a presence, as Denise has mentioned I’m Hyper-mobile with a grown family of 3 around Melbourne and Amsterdam your never sure where I will pop up.

Personally,  I’ve enjoyed so many opportunities through my life to engage in personal development, leadership training and of course any training that pops up in relation to doula work so my ability to handle many different situations is often sought out.

Soon after my birth doula training I became a volunteer with Birth for Humankind in Melbourne, Australia this organisation supports women from diverse backgrounds navigate the Australian health system so it’s been my privilege to support over 60 families welcome their babies earthside, when I started embracing my death doula work I would often be at a birth and death in quick succession and realised how close both events are in dynamics, the more you trust a birthing mother to know her body and baby the more you see similarities in death work.

I offer my families a calm presence and can maintain strong boundaries without families being aware, so that they feel very supported during our encounter,to this end I’ve also gained lifelong supporters of my work and feel comfortable that when there is a need the support will be at hand.

I’ve relished opportunities to share my knowledge in the past and joined Denise on many occasions whilst she shared her teachings, so when Denise was recently incapacitated I nervously stepped up and facilitated her weekend training.

The world of death and similarly birth has been taken out of the homes, medicalised and placed in the shadows I feel, like Denise that an important part of our work is to sing about how natural and beautiful death and birth can be, to remove the fear and embrace the beauty of home care, vigils and family led funerals and gatherings to offer options that encourage families to embrace one another and move with death/ birth rather than against.

I look forward to sharing this with you all in the future and thank Denise and Gary for the welcome into the LifeOptions family and for all the pioneering work done by them both to create a wonderful legacy (still in progress) in the Doula world.

My Training

28 years working as a Birth Doula

18 years working as Death Doula


I have been nursing since I was 17 and still use my clinical skills in Cambodia

Maters in Nursing  1999

UTS, Australia

Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

I have been working as a life counsellor for 20 years  under the banner of "Live the Life YOU Choose" and added Hypnotherapy to my skills in 2009; an effective skill to release old beliefs, and establish new thought processes to move forward. 


Birth Hynosis is a powerful tool to move beyond old beliefs, fears and barriers to birthing your baby peacefully and consciously


Hypnosis in the end-of-life is a powerful tool to manage, discomfort, fear and pain..  Helps to face "loss of a dream", and for grieving family and friends .







Doula Workshop Facilitator

20 years.  I have  been developing Doula Training  courses suitable for many different countries and literacy levels, within the capacity of the enviornment with birth and death and every

Breastfeeding Consultant

20 years

Diploma of Childbirth Education

Parents Centres Australia  1984