We use the ancient and time-proven techniques of an

open  compassionate heart, our hands,

and our voices


Birth Doula Online Training

This is a "hands off birth" doula course.  I have  training douls for 25 years and feel deeply concerned that mothers are being offer far too many interventions.  Not just medical interventions but all sorts of "I can fix that for you" by all sorts of therapists and Doulas.  

I have been birthing with village woman in many countries over the past few years where their is no no medical support, and when given time, and the belief of the them, birth works.  

I share these concepts with you.  Whilst I am aware many of us work in medicalised setting, and I do to, I build in ideal ways to integrate reality of choices woman are being offered, and ways to better support them in their decision making. 


Death Doula Online Training

Death is coming back into the community.  People are looking for someone to hole the space for them as they make life changing decisions.  Doulas train to be able to hear clearly, declutter their own minds, and offer solutions that enhance the experience of dying

Death is not the enemy. 

                 Not living life fully is. 

$390 for the 10 modules, which are posted weekly on facebook , you have 6 months to complete
$50 holds your place. 
PayPal  deniselovelifeoptions@gmail.com

When we live with "what if" and fears we didn't even know we had, we restrict us experience the things that enhance our live.  Death fits into this.  Getting your Advanced Directive in place whilst you are healthy or facing a life threatening illness is a huge bonus.  It forces to see the reality that we are all dying.  Just some more actively than others. 
I was one of the first Palliative Care nurses in Australia so understand the gaps we do not fill.  It was then that I choose the route of Doulaing people.  The medical model is not working for many people who feel ok not to have treatment and accept dying as a normal transition in life. 
Death Doulas serve you as an independent practitioner, hearing your needs, and find a path with you to live your life until you die.  In co-operation with the medical staff, palliative care, celebrants and funeral directors and all the choices you have, life become more meaningful. 
So whether you just want to be ready when dying presents it self in your own life, serve a family member, offer your services to the community, or look at the opportunity for a whole new career, this course will open all those opportunities  Join us

August 5 2019

October 7 2019

December 2 2019

February 3 2020

April 6  2020


Face to Face Death Doula Training

This is the same course as the Online Course, with the added Denise Story telling component.  I have been doing this work for many years in different countries.


I was a Palliative Care nurse and saw the gaps in the care Nurses are able to give because of funding and time.  We work beside you family and medical team to fill those gaps and offer alternatives to traditions care, cost effective funerals and dying at home with support if that is your choice.   By serving the family that is caring for you, they are more effective in their role.  


We often care for people who prefer not to involve family or have no one to call on.


Melb  Advanced Death Doula   Sept 7-8

Campbelltown/Sydney               Sept 28-29

Melbourne                                  Nov 




We walk beside you as you move towards your last breath on earth.  Whatever your beliefs, fears or challenges you face, we explore comfortable and effective options
We negotiate with family and friends
We offer all sort of funeral options.  WE discuss green options and shroud wrapping.  We have inside truth about cardboard and timber coffins.  
This is an amazing course for everybody to look at your fears and death and dying whilst you are healthy
Incredibile informative if you have a life threatening illness
Great for family and friends who are caring for someone with a termial illness
Supports everybody to live life more fully!

Denise Love

Birth Doula

Death Doula

Circle-of-life Doula