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Tue, 25 June



Pregnancy & Birth Loss Doula

A tidal wave washes over a family when a baby dies, no matter what stage of pregnancy or life. We walk beside women as they integrate this reality, support their families, suggest ceremony and simple cost-effective funeral options. An intense and profound time!

Pregnancy & Birth Loss Doula
Pregnancy & Birth Loss Doula

Time & Location

25 June 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm AEST


About the event

$390.  $90 deposit holds your place for enquiries & enrolment.

5 Modules posted on a closed Facebook study group with weekly Zoom sessions and home study.  Allow 4-6 hours a week to complete each module and return the reflections to be awarded a Certificate.

Whether you wish to be "there” for others, begin a new career as a Pregnancy Loss Doula, or "talk death” and feel more comfortable, or to unfold your own experience, come and sit in "virtual circle" with us.

“When women sit in circle, even online, amazing things happen!”

A different level of womanhood is experienced when we decide to have a baby……it can be simple and no fuss, or all consuming! Motherhood is a complex and often overwhelming state of being, and it continues forever. Even if you have only been “a little bit pregnant”, accidentally or intentionally, nothing will ever be the same again. The anticipation or dread of a little “thing” growing inside you, actually growing, then leaving your body, is one of the miracles in life. Women have a choice in many countries, but that doesn’t mean that choice is in any way easy, comfortable or forgettable.

Pregnancy loss is normal and dramatic. It happens all the time. In fact, many women don’t even know they are pregnant.

It can be a relief, a tragedy and, for many, their greatest fear. Let’s think about all those issues and support women moving forward in life without regret, or the overwhelming debilitating grief.

Grief that is “doable” is a term I like to use, and my dream for every woman who experiences “Loss”.

Devastation, sadness and pain are equally a part of life, but we are in an era of fixing things……there are more therapies, drugs, workshops etc. than you can ever imagine. I love facilitated support groups. People with similar thoughts and feelings, stepping each other through, is a powerful way to address issues.

We will look at everything to do with every stage of pregnancy loss, stillbirth, through to the loss of a child in the first few weeks…..and touch on  SIDS.

As we open ourselves to learning, my dream and expectation is that you will be the people in the community to reach out to. You will not need a formal education in a certain area, but a lifelong learning portfolio to offer that is affordable and valuable to people and the community you live in. Create your own version of “holding the space”, utilising all your skills. I will included "marketing yourself" as a Doula to reach the women who need your care, copassion and support.  As you serve, you will enhance your life immeasurably.

During this course we will discuss how to deal with:

 Getting the shock - the mother and you!

 Preparing for and experiencing a birth when you know a baby has died

 Support during a miscarriage.

 Getting ready to support during the birth in a medically assisted abortion/miscarriage.

 Being ready for birth in a planned stillbirth at home or in hospital

 “Holding the space” and experiencing the loss or any kind

 Empathy and compassion, fatigue and boundaries

 How do you ask for money at a time like this?

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