Quaama, NSW

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Veronica Abbot losts everything

She has arranged a fundraiser.  The post notes on the board are the donations behind Veronica.

The info I am gathering is coming live from my bed in Syney, but I will be there in a few weeks, so appologise to change accuracy a little.

With tireless volunteers supporting her, she is volunteering in running the relief shed....a huge undertaking. 

Little towns often get missed in the hyp but we are on the move to find out needs and wants.  It is so far from afar to know what to do, an so often we just through things at communities that we thin help.  I am sure they are not really sure themselves, but they need to guide us!

Cobargo, NSW

             A spinal tingling scene. 

A very wet Mullberry tree and a mud brick house...

Wathch this space.  I am gathering info.  

LifeOptions - Denise, Gary, Barb Ferguson and Rolf Glenk are on the move.  Caravans on the way to the

BlazeAide releif camp. 


Volunteers needed

  • Fencing...they will teach you 

  • Cleaning

  • Cooking for dinner for up top 50 -I will leave recipes if this terrifies you

  • Tools for the tool library...nothing is tooooo big or small

  • laughter

  • Painting materials for arts a crafts.  clean canvases....I think I can feel an online fund raising Exhibition

  • music - come and play and or donate instruments

  • spiritual openness and support - the reality is only setting in.....the is a long road ahead in individual trauma an grief, and collective grief.  Bring your wisdom, listening ears ... there is nothing to fix.  The community will do that and is doing that, but we need to be "the wing beneath their wings"

  • Set of new towles for each household for their new accomodation so they get a virtual hug from us

  • Crocheted of knitted blanket for virtual hugs

  • "Draws for draws".  Undies for men, woman and chiLdren of all sizes.  Something for them to put in the draws in a dwelling when they get one

  • Placket of cards, Uno, and puzzles

  • Books of any sort in good condition but these need to be delivered to Sydney Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne or Me.....deniselovelifeoptions@gmail.com Sydney.

  • I will be onsite on and off.  Please don't just dump your rubbish stuff.  Volunteers are exhausted and only need and want things of value.  

  • Linen in the next few months....I think they all have enough for now until the get their homes. They are all still in temp accommodation if they are lucky.  

  •  hold your breath I will be clearer soon

  • Knitting yarn, needs and felting material for a "Stitch and Bitch group".  A place to say it how it is without having to be cheery and coping.  "hookers" welcome........for crocheting!!!LL

  • Watch this space.   Ah laptops that work and printers

  • Mobile phones

  • Everything is gone.....!!!!!


  ICAN'T HANDLE HOUSEHOLD STUFF.  i WILL SOON MAKE A LIST OF FAMILES THAT NEED TO BE ADOPTED SO THAT SOMEONE CAN HELP THO BEG IN THEIR COMMUNITES FOR ACTUAL NEEDS AND WANTS.....There is NO storage spaces left standing.  Be patient.  this is a long ongoing love and courage project....and then comes the belongings. s