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Katoomba, Bathurst, Orange

Opening the pathway for a calmer, supported, never alone approach to the final chapter in life. 

Death is the final transition, rite-passage in life, so let's open the converstations to hearing people fears, needs and wants,

and fill the gaps to for staff working in an very business enviornmrnt. 

staff called for our skills and knowledge around death to ease their load

We come with 

There is a huge shift in the way we are managing the final transition in our lives. 


As “the conversation” opens up around our needs and wants, so does innovative ways of completing the last chapter of life and farewelling the body in a cost effective green way. 


Volunteer Companion Doula Training

The course will open up all these possibilities to you and you can share any knowledge you have to enhance this time in a person’s life. 

Companion Doulas will be available either in person or my email to support, discuss needs and wants, as company and companionship, and guide the family through this very normal but difficult time for most people.  Barb and I will support you with difficult question or request, and or talk with residents and relative in a 3 way zoom to open up your learning opportunities.

You will developing skills to support you in feeling free to ask questions about people’s lives, do they have any fears, any request about who that do and don’t want around, do they have any relatives or friends.  Ask if they would like a Doula with them when death is close (we call that actively dying) as staff are often occupied with daily living tasks.  What they would like done with their body…many have no idea of the normal costs of a traditional funeral or burial….what innovative cost effective things we can do as alternatives, who you might like around or not want around.  Fill in their Advanced Directives with them. 

We know that death is just a normal transition and hope to help to dispel fears and just be there. That is enough.

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Application Form :  email

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